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          As a lifelong musician and composer, I've dedicated my career to bringing stories to life through powerful and captivating music. My name is Mathieu Duguay, and I'm a freelance composer for TV/films and media based in Canada.


          My musical journey began at a young age when I started learning classical guitar. Since then, I've studied Jazz guitar at college and have played in many bands over the last 25 years. Playing music with various bands gave me the opportunity to travel to many amazing places, play at incredible venues, and connect with talented musicians. However, what I enjoy the most about music is creating it.


          Composing music is my passion. From producing larger-than-life epic tracks to crafting small universes and background music for dialogue, I enjoy every opportunity to help a client reach their goals by providing creative, colorful, well-structured, and powerful music tracks ready for production.


          If you're looking for a composer who is dedicated to their craft and passionate about bringing your project to life, look no further. Contact me today to discuss your project, and thank you for considering my music.

Still reading? Wow! you really can't do without me anymore. Did I already mention to you that I play with bands? If symphonic death metal or indie rock is your thing, check the links below. Cheers and thanks for your support!


The Modern Sins



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